Going Gaga Over.. a Kornik?

this seems different from the normal.. and I’m kinda liking it..


Food Trip 101.1

I tried Bonchon fried chicken yesterday. The crispiest fried chicken I’ve ever had. I just wish they serve bigger ones. Taste-wise it’s good. Typical Korean flavor. Liked both the Soy Garlic and the Spicy one. The crispiness is what really stood out. But you’re going to think twice if you’re health conscious. It’s chicken skin. I will definitely going to eat there again but not eagerly. :)  To choose between KFC and this, I will still choose KFC.

Blogging It Like A Pro

It has been a tough day. After forcing myself to wake up so early, I arrived at work a mess. With so many things to do, I don’t know how to start or what to start with. I ended up jumbling everything from bills dues to budgeting my money for the day. From account adjustments to printing reports to commission releasing to dealing with queries on the phone. And if those just weren’t enough, receiving a text message from someone I definitely don’t want to remember sealed the stressful day for me. It was way so much for just a day. The only consolation that I’m positively looking forward to was the quarterfinal match of one of my favorite players (tennis). I’m so certain that she’s going to win the match that it leave a smile on my face the whole day at work. Excitement that is. But then the much awaited match came. Okay. She lost. Aside from a beatable opponent, what’s worse is that she had so many chances. Argggh. I could not even take it. *Deep breath* Oh boy, i guess that’s the way it goes. That’s the way life plays. No choice but to deal with all of this anyway. I haven’t check the lotto results yet so maybe we’ll see *fingers crossed*. So until then. Hasta La Vista.

Once Upon A Time..

i just feel like posting these pics from way back..



i looked like a boy in this one..

after nine months since birth.. can stand already?? what?

funny.. just turned 25..

i notice.. di ko kamukha sarili ko nung maliit pa ko.. hahaha..

pacute.. :)

i want the swing back..

i love this pic.. look at that!

bagong ligo?

bagong gising? LOL.


true. that moment when you find an old photo of myself. NICE.



Going Korean!

with food and everything. i am going Korean.

like the noodles.. very chewy..

i kinda like this one.  actually i never tasted anything like this before.

my all-time favorite. super spicy though.

Gastronomy 101.2


Mysteriously Extraordinary Lumpia
Food Critics:
Raymond –> good..

Ryan –>  panget..

Mama —> uhmmhumm..

Me —> wlang d masarap sa taong gutom..

prepared in less than 20 minutes..

Gastronomy 101.1

Food Critic #1 Raymond —> masarap..

Food Critic #2 Louie —-> yup!

Food Critic #3 Ryan —-> ok lang *blank face*

Me —-> not bad for a first.. ;)

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